​Know More about Tattoo and Your Body.

2019 Dec 18th

No scream! Here we have rounded up the least painful body areas for tattooing.

"I always tell my clients to imagine a cat continuously scratching them with hot claws. It's definitely a very acute, in-the-moment kind of pain. Though I've never been scratched by a cat, I do have tattoos and can attest to said scratchy feeling.”

This is how Anka Lavriv, a tattoo artist and co-owner of Black Iris Tattoo studio, shared her insights on pain in tattooing with Allure.

And this must have scared you if you are going to get inked.

Well, pain is an inevitable part of tattooing. Pain, screams, and discomforts are real stories. Even a sight of a needle machine running over the skin may upset you.

But it is equally true that not tattooing doesn’t hurt the same on all body parts. This is because some body parts like thighs and fingers have less nerve endings that send pain signals to the brain.

Besides, the abundance of flesh with less prominence of bone minimizes the painandacts as a cushion for the sensation of the needle.

Here, we have rounded up the least painful body areas for tattooing.

Finger: Close up tattooed hipster's fingers with rings

Finger is one of the least painful areas for getting tattoos. They are small and have less nerve endings. Although the most painful spot on the finger is near the bone, you feel less pain as tattoos done on the fingers are quite small. As an added bonus, it looks trendy and stylish. There are many stylish designs to choose for your fingers.

Outer Shoulder: Tattoo design on outer shoulder

Outer shoulder tattoos have been in trend for a long time. As an added bonus, they are not that painful to get. Thanks to the plenty of flesh that serves like a cushion for the needle.

Thighs: Tattoo design on thigh

Thighs are one more addition to the list of least painful tattoos. Firstly, leg muscles can bear the pain. Then, the abundance of fat and muscles with low nerve ending minimize the pain. Thighs tattoos are trendy and wonderful, especially when they are flaunted with shorts. Great thigh tattoo design doesn’t exceed to the inner thighs region, given that it is a sensitive region and contain more nerve receptors.

Inner Side of the Wrist:

Getting a wrist tattoo doesn’t hurt due to the thin skin and less prominence of the bones. Wrist tattoos look adorable. From heart, quotes to the symbols, there are many things to get inked on this side of the wrist.

Ear Cartilage: Tattoo design on ear cartilage

Getting tattoo on the ears is a new trend. The tattoo is done directly onto the ear cartilage. The tattoo on this area is small and simple, causing less pain.

Upper Area of the Back:

Tattoo design on upper back

At this area, you get a huge tattoo with little to no pain. The back is a larger part with less nerve endings. This way, it provides more space to get a tattoo inked with less pain. Woman can flaunt this tattoo with a backless dress. However, it may hurt as the design reaches to the spinal area that is a boney part.

So these are the parts where getting a tattoo won’t hurt much. To eliminate the pain completely out of the process, use NumbSkin numbing cream. It is a topical anesthetic which desensitizes the skin patch so that you don’t feel pain or discomfort. NumbSkin contains 5% lidocaine and is safer for all skin type. Use it 45 minutes before the process. Make sure to read the instructions.

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With a constant increase in number of people getting a tattoo, it is pretty clear that this form of body modification is here to stay for long. Do you there are around 30% of Americans with at least one tattoo? However, with this trend thereare some complications which are often overlooked. For instance, nearly 3% US people who have to deal with a skin infection after getting a new tattoo.

Hence, if you are planning to get a tattoo job done, it is worth realizing that taking a good care of a tattoo is important. Below are listed some essential tips to be followed. Have a lookl:

Don’t rush to unwrap it: You might not realize the importance of the initial bandage. But it can significantly increase your tattoo’s age. Simply putting, tattoo aftercare starts in studio itself. Once the artist is done with the tattoo design, it will be wiped down using an anti-bacterial soap. It will be followed by application of a thin layer of moisturizer. Later, a bandage or a plastic wrap is used to cover the skin. It is really important to protect your treated area. While it can be quite tempting to unwrap it at the earliest, yet you have to be patient.

Listen to your artist: If you want to have the best advice on how to care for a new tattoo, you must follow your tattoo artist. Firstly, do your home-work well and pick a good tattoo artist to handle your skin. Once you are working with a reputable and experienced artist, you can rest assured to get valuable instructions for your new tattoo. And the instructions given by the artist have to be followed carefully. Remember, no advice is poor as your artist always want your tattoo to get heal effectively.

Keep it clean: You need to keep your new tattoo clean and for this you have to wash it. Just before you start, make sure your hands are clean. Clear the excess fluid, ink and moisturizer gently and after washing dry the treated area by patting with a clean paper towel. Later, you can apply a moisturizer to the tattoo site. Next, keep it at bay from direct sunlight. For at least 3 to 4 weeks, you must keep it out of sun. Once the healing is done, makes sure you cover it with a good sun-screen whenever you step out.

Avoid scratching: It is quite common for a fresh tattoo to itch. But you don’t need to pick at your tattoo else you will end up messing the design. Actually, in the healing stage your tattoo is highly prone to fading and infections. Itching being a common symptom leads to scratching which further raises complication. If you feel hard to resist the urge to scratch, you can consider a numbing cream. Yes, application of a topical anesthetic like NumbSkin cream can do wonders. Just apply a thick layer and it will block the pain signals for three to four hours, and you can be relaxed.

Once you have understood these tips, caring for a tattoo will not be a complicated process. Good luck!